12+ Best Luxury Makeup Brands in India

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Best Luxury Makeup Brands in India

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Interest in luxury goods is definitely growing in India, with the largest sectors being prestige cosmetics and fragrances, estimated at 250 crores. Beauty consumers in this sector seek out the finest quality ingredients, performance, and innovation.  We’ll explore what sets luxury cosmetic brands apart and why they are beloved by beauty aficionados across the country. Keep reading to discover the compelling reasons why our recommendations are worth the hype.



Ah, MAC, MAC, MAC. Professional makeup artists seem to bow down to this brand⎯ particularly for their Face and Body Foundation⎯ with the same type of loyalty a BTS fan has.  A bestselling product of theirs is the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (which conveniently includes SPF 15), leaving a luminous photo-ready finish with a blendable formula. Apart from their skin makeup, MAC is also known for their lipsticks. Whether you’ve heard of the brand or not, you have most definitely seen the classic black MAC lipstick container. The timelessness of MAC can be compared to that of Madhuri Dixit in Bollywood ⎯ people will love her no matter what she does⎯ MAC is worth all of the love.





One Charlotte Tilbury lip liner sells every two minutes. Safe to say, Charlotte Tilbury has set themselves apart in the makeup industry quite successfully. The most famous shade is Pillowtalk, a wonderfully pink-ish nude that suits most skin tones. With a creamy formula that glides on like butter, we can see why everyone seems to be obsessed with them. Surprisingly enough, the brand’s number one product is a skincare product that Charlotte herself used on her model clients back in the day. The product, Charlotte’s Magic Cream, was the inspiration behind launching the brand itself and promises in hydrating and refreshing tired skin with just a swipe. Apart from these products, the brand is also known for their Airbrush Flawless Foundation, a full-coverage formula with skincare-friendly ingredients. Charlotte Tilbury has the nude-pink-brown aesthetic on lock, along with a plethora of famous skincare items to choose from too!






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Fenty Beauty is a game-changer in the beauty industry, known for setting the standard for diversity. Launched in 2017 by Rihanna in partnership with luxury group LVMH (aka Louis Vuitton & Fendi’s brand owner), it quickly gained praise for its inclusive foundation range, starting with 40 shades and expanding to 50. With high-quality products like Pro Filt’r Foundation and Killawatt Highlighters, Fenty Beauty stands out for its innovation and Rihanna’s personal touch. It’s not just about makeup—it’s about representation, pushing other brands to be more inclusive and rethink their approach to beauty.






When it comes to eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills is considered Queen.   From pomades to gels, for anything eyebrow related the cult-favorite brand has you covered.  Founded in 1997 by Anastasia Soare the brand has gained a strong following for its high-quality products and innovative formulas and is trusted by industry experts and celebrities alike.  Over time the brand has diversified its product line to include lipsticks and foundations. Anastasia Beverly Hills is renowned not only for its eyebrow products but also for setting trends and consistently delivering products that meet the high standards of the beauty community.




Smashbox reached cult-status with its Photo Finish Foundation Primer. With its matte finish and long-lasting stay, the primer uses vitamins A and E paired with grape-seed and green tea extracts to refresh the skin and prime it. Makeup gurus flock to it for its pore-minimizing qualities, and its ability to disappear the appearance of fine lines. While this primer is definitely Smashbox’s treasure, they have other products that are also bestsellers for good reason. The photo-ready qualities of Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating. Foundation have made it the perfect product for those who like a hydrating, non-cakey foundation. The shade line⎯ 40 different colors with multiple undertones of each⎯ seals the deal with this product. Though another primer, Smashbox is also well-known for their Photo Finish Primer Water (which is in a liquid spray form instead of the gel-putty like consistency of the former one). This spray gives off a luminous, dewy, and radiating effect that preps the skin for blending foundation and concealer in seamlessly. Smashbox is the QUEEN of primers, and nothing less.




Bobbi Brown has never skimped on providing high-quality products. Their bestselling product list includes the most famous Longwear Weightless Foundation (SPF 15), that looks fresh even after 8 hours of wear. The brand initially began with ten simple lipsticks, now evolved into the multiple shares of Luxe Lip Color. Vibrant color that rejuvenates and hydrates the lips, the classic gold lipstick tube has become a symbol of luxury. Other bestselling products include the award-winning Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks⎯ a multipurpose, natural-looking formula that has left fans swooning for more. To say Bobbi Brown has left us speechless, is an understatement.





Is there any other brand that holds such timeless luxury the way Dior does? In both fashion and beauty, this name reigns the game without any debate. As of recently, Dior has stirred up quite a ruckus with their fan-favorite Addict Lip Tint product – a custom color-reviving lip balm that uses naturaly derived ingredients to hydrate and tint the lips. For the more traditional user, the timeless classic Rouge Dior⎯ a classic Hollywood red lipstick⎯ comes in 4 finishes, Satin, Matte, Metallic, and New Velvet. The Diorshow Mascara and Maximizer Primer is the perfect duo to curl, define, and lift the lashes to extents you never knew were even possible. We don’t need to go on and on about the wonders of why Dior is on its own level, but trust us when we say its worth the boujee prices.




If you’re well-acquainted with makeup, its likely you’ve heard of the Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation. Known for its long-lasting wear that makes it hard for other brands to compete, the matte foundation has gained a sort of cult-status among makeup gurus for just that reason. Apart from the famous foundation, Estee Lauder also gained its high-end name with the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex⎯ a serum that promises younger-looking, radiant skin that mature users swear by. Estee Lauder has gained quite a following in the anti-aging department, also making strides with the Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line-Wrinkle Crème that also promises smoother and less-lined skin. The brand has come a long way since their first order to Saks Fifth Avenue back in 1946!




One of the most popular skincare brands in the US. It is likely that you grew up seeing a yellow, green, or purple Clinique bottle in your mother’s bathroom⎯ Clinique’s been around for quite a whole! The decades-old skincare favorite was launched in 1968 and was one of the first brands to approach skincare with dermatology (hence the name Clinique) by avoiding allergy-prone ingredients like fragrance. Today, the brand is known quite well for its Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, a revolutionary balm-to-oil product that swipes away makeup with ease. Just as famous, the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is a favorite among oily-skinned users for its lightweight, gel formula that moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Though they are more known for their skincare lines, Clinique has still made strides in the makeup sector with products like the Even Better Foundation⎯ a medium coverage foundation with SPF with skin-friendly ingredients. Though their skincare can be on the pricier side, they promise results that are clearly working regardless of your generation.





Another boujee brand we love, Givenchy’s makeup line is truly the Givenchy of couture itself. Their cutting-edge collection is made with the same bold feminine aesthetic that has led them to be so successful in fashion design. Audacious reds and vibrant pinks in their Le Rouge Deep Velvet lipstick line have become a favorite among many! With edgy and sophisticating packaging, you’ll leave your house feeling like a whole celebrity after using some of these products. The Enhanced Loose Powder is also a favorite among makeup bloggers for its unique customizability⎯ with sectioned blue, green, purple, and white powders, you’re able to target whatever you like with color correction or swirl them all together!




Benefit has put out some best sellers that have become staples among all makeup users. You’ve most likely already heard about the famous Hoola Bronzer that took Instagram with a storm a couple years back⎯ it comes in a nice brown that compliments every skin tone (but also has alternatives in case you’re still going for a lighter/deeper look). The POREfessional Primer is also another cult-favorite for its pore-minimizing properties, leaving the skin smooth and prepped for makeup application. More recently, the They’re Real! Mascara has gathered attention for its ability to separate, lift, and curl lashes with such ease. Another favorite is the Gimme Brow product, which arguably revolutionized brow application from a heavy pomade look into something more natural and fluffy. Benefit is the kind of makeup brand you may not always realize you are so loyal to, but after looking through your stash, realize that you are.



Huda Beauty LogoKnown for its popular FauxFilter foundations, available in over 30+ shades, and the fan-favorite Empowered Eyeshadow Palettes, Huda Beauty has gained global popularity. Launched in 2013 by Huda Kattan, a beauty influencer of Middle Eastern descent, the brand initially gained traction through social media. However, its popularity stems from the quality and innovation of its products. Celebrated for its inclusive approach, Huda Beauty offers products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and types.




All of these luxury brands bring with them a history of perfecting their craft and techniques. Whether you use makeup for glam-purposes only or you love to use it to enhance your features daily, using good-quality products is so crucial to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money and being nice to your skin. These high end makeup brands all have their fair-share of cult-favorites that have the rave reviews to prove why they’re worth the hype⎯ we couldn’t agree more with them!


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