The Best Men’s Eye Cream Products And What They Can Do for You

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the best of mens eye creams for men


There are about a dozen reasons you might need an eye cream. Maybe you’re interviewing soon, and you’d like to look younger. Maybe you’re starting to date again. Or maybe you’ve just gone on one too many benders and your eyes are starting to show it.


Regardless, eye cream may just be your new best friend. Men’s eyes matter, too, and there are plenty of products which can help improve the appearance – and health – of your eyes.




 That’s what the commercials would have you to believe. But eye creams aren’t just for the ladies. After all, we get those dark circles, too. And we age, and we care about the health of our eyes. So no. They’re not just for women.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, the skin around the eyes is very delicate. It’s prone, as you may know, to fine lines and wrinkles. And as you age, your skin begins to thin. That means you’ll be more likely to have dark circles under your eyes.


Of course, lack of sleep, stress and other factors can cause wrinkles and dark circles in both men and women. So are eye creams marketed to women? Yes. Absolutely. Will a good eye cream benefit a man? Absolutely.



 What do eye creams do for you, anyway? Aren’t they just more expensive little bottles of lotion?


Nope. Well, in some cases, maybe. But the best men’s eye cream is different than ordinary lotion for a few reasons. First of all, it’s usually much thicker. Men’s under eye cream (the quality kind, anyway) contains more oils which are safe for use around the eyes. Those oils target wrinkles and fine lines.


The best anti-wrinkle cream for men’s eyes also helps to actually plump the skin under the eyes. No, that doesn’t mean that you’ll look like a blowfish when you use it. What it means is that there are eye creams which almost instantly hydrate the undereye area. As a result, you’ll look younger and, well, more awake.


Different eye creams have different benefits, too. Some contain sunscreen, while others target puffiness. In short, eye creams aren’t just expensive lotions meant to “cure” your wrinkles. They’re meant specifically for the eye, and different problems associated with the eyes.




 So, with all those eye creams advertised as women’s products, how’s a man to choose the best under-eye cream? We’ve listed the four best eye creams for men below, but you’ll want to think about your individual needs.


If you frequently stay up late, if you party too hard or if you’re generally prone to dark circles under your eyes, look for a super-hydrating formula, particularly one with vitamin C.


If you’re concerned because you’re starting to see fine lines and wrinkles around your age, there’s a cream for that, too. Many, in fact. Look for a cream that’s rich in oils, and that promises collagen synthesis through ingredients like Retinol (a derivative of Vitamin A) or exfoliants like Glycolic Acid.


And, of course, if your skin is sensitive, stay away from creams which include irritating chemicals in the ingredients. Sensitive skin or not, avoid parabens and phthalates.




Alright. So are you convinced that eye cream doesn’t just belong in a woman’s bathroom? It’s time to pick your product. Here are the four best anti-wrinkle creams for men’s eyes.


Cera Ve eye cream

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness $10.77

 It is, my friends, as its name implies. This under eye cream from CeraVe targets puffiness and dark circles. It’s formulated to restore ceramides, or fatty acids, in the eye area. Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and it won’t clog your pores.


Reviews for CeraVe Eye Repair Cream are awesome. Men and women alike have said the results in terms of hydration are almost instantaneous. Some reviews said that after having pulled an all-nighter, CeraVe helped convince “the boss man” that all was well.


The only downside to this product is that it takes a while to dry. Until it dries, your skin may feel a little oily.




Clinique Anti-Age Eye Cream for Men

Clinique Anti-Age Eye Cream for Men $30


Yeah, you heard right. For men. Back off, ladies. Clinique has a great reputation for making some darn good quality products, and they didn’t go wrong with the Anti-Age Eye Cream. The little tube of miraculous goodness helps soften and plump the skin around the eyes, and, like CeraVe, the results are almost immediate.


Men didn’t just love the way this product worked. They also loved the way it felt. Coming out of the tube, you might think the Clinique lotion would be greasy. But in fact, men were impressed at how light it actually felt. There wasn’t a slick residue – it was like the product blended right in.


Clinique Anti-Age Eye Cream was formulated to work against fine lines and wrinkles. But men said the product also helped to combat puffiness.





EltaMD Renew Eye Gel

EltaMD Skincare Renew Eye Gel $50

Elta Md’s Renew Eye Gel may be lightweight but it still is full of powerful skin-beneficial ingredients inclusive of Niacinamide for discolorations and Retinol for fine lines and wrinkles.

The non-greasy formula is also fragrance-free and great for sensitive skin as it free of known skin irritants like parabens.





Alpha Skin Care Nourishing Eye Cream $14


This little tube of eye cream for men is jam-packed with goodies to make your eyes look younger. First, there’s jojoba oil, which is an awesome moisturizer. Then, you’ll find Grape Seed Oil which has been proven to lighten dark circles around the eyes.


Aloe is soothing and cooling, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. That means it’s great for puffiness around the eyes. Of course, there’s also Vitamin E, long known for its anti-aging benefits. Finally, Alpha Skin Care contains Vitamin C which, as we mentioned, is great for all-around nourishment of your eye area. You can’t go wrong with Alpha Skin Care Nourishing Eye Cream.





olay professional prox eye restoration complex


Olay ProX Eye Complex $44.50


The last eye cream for men on our list is the Olay ProX Eye Complex. And while this product is great for moisturizing the eyes, it’s even better for minimizing wrinkles.


The active ingredient in Olay ProX Eye Complex is niacinamide. Sound scary? It’s not. It’s a supplement which contains a high amount of – yes, you’re right – niacin. Niacin is great for reducing the signs of aging, as well as evening the skin tone, clearing pores and eliminating dullness. In short, it’s fantastic for your eyes.


There’s caffeine in Olay ProX Eye Complex, too. Caffeine has been proven to increase circulation and remove redness as it constricts small blood vessels. Men who use the product say that all you have to do is apply once in the morning and once at night, and you’ll see results very quickly!



 Is eye cream just for women? No way! Choosing the right eye cream can not only protect your eye skin but can also combat the signs of aging, stress and sleep deprivation.


There are eye creams for men which are specifically marketed to us. But if you know the result you want, one of these four eye creams will do the trick. Dark circles? Fine lines and wrinkles? No problem! There’s an eye cream perfect for you.


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