The Lotion For Crepey Skin… The Things We Do For Youth

Glycolix 15% Body Lotion $30


So, do you want to know a secret? Sometimes, when I’m alone in my room, I pinch myself. This isn’t to see if I’m awake, but to check in on just how crepey my skin is getting. I know it’s rather irrational because you can’t exactly turn back the hands of time, but it doesn’t hurt to try and ward them off … at least for a little while.

You may wonder… “is there really a crepey skin treatment that works?” Although chemical peels and lasers may help, there are certain (understandable) budgetary constraints that need to be taken into consideration. These treatments may take quite a bit of investment, especially considering the large areas that need to be targeted,  so instead it might be a good idea to turn to effective skincare products.

The two key ingredients to look for in any lotion for crepey skin are: AHA’s like Glycolic Acid (which helps exfoliate and reduce uneven skin-tone) and a retinoid (a derivative of Vitamin A, which works on a deeper cellular level to aid turnover and boost collagen levels).  Although, we wouldn’t recommend going for Vitamin A in the form of Retinoic Acid (Retin-A) as this is one of the most potent forms and the levels of product needed for total body coverage may lead to a bit of a toxic situation. Rather, we suggest incorporating the ingredient into your anti-aging body-care routine in one of it’s milder forms (Retinyl Palmate or Retinol).

Glycolix’s non-irritating body lotion not only helps with treating crepey skin but also combats other signs of aging – leaving skin hydrated without the feeling of being tacky or sticky. Through a combination of 15% Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A (in probably its most gentle incarnation) and Retinyl Palmate (to avoid any negative interactions), the formula gives you the best of both worlds. Other notable ingredients include the antioxidant Vitamins C and E, CoQ10 plus Green Tea Extract which combats free radical damage caused by the likes of the sun as well as lifestyle habits.

If you’re looking to get more value for your money, the lotion also comes in a size that has double the amount than the above for around $10 dollars more and can be purchased here.

Make sure to check out our in-depth overview if you’re looking  to learn more on treating crepey skin.