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Discover The Best Eyebrow Brushes

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“Brows on point”. Was there ever a greater compliment? We think not. Brows have always been an important aspect of your look – they shape and define your face in a way that nothing else can. But never have brows been such an integral part of our beauty routine. A quick scroll through Insta will tell you everything you need to know about how essential our eyebrows have become. What’s more: thick is in. It’s not enough to have a nice, natural shape anymore. These days, we powder, blend, brush and tame to achieve eyebrow perfection. But if you weren’t blessed with eyebrows the likes of Emma Watson, the right tools can help you get there.


Eyebrow brushes are an integral component of your brow routine: they blend makeup evenly and keep your hair in place. Makeup alone isn’t enough to get the perfect eyebrow shape, you need a brush to make that product look natural and effortless. But for every makeup, hair type and desired shape, there is a brush. Knowing which one you need? We’ve got that covered!



There are three things you want to keep in mind when looking for an eyebrow brush.



Blending versus taming: Are you already blessed with shapely brows? Then you probably only need to tame your hair, and won’t need any tool for applying makeup to them (lucky!). But if you’re like most of us who need a little filling and shaping, you’ll likely need a tool for applying your makeup of choice and blending that makeup, as well as a brush for taming unruly hairs and keeping them in place.



Dual-ended versus single: This comes down to our previous question and how much bang you want from your buck. If you’re not using any product on your brows, you can probably get away with a single-ended tool – just a brush to comb through your hair. But if you find yourself having to do both makeup and combing, there are a lot of dual-ended brushes out there that give you two products in one.



Brushes using real hair are durable, long-lasting and easier to clean. They’re best for powder products because they give a lot of texture and sweep up a lot of product at once. Synthetic brushes that use fibers like nylon are great for cream products because they don’t have a cuticle. Depending on what kind of eyebrow you have, the shape you’re looking for and the makeup you use, you should keep in mind what type of brush is best for you. Or, if economics is your number one concern, keep in mind that real hair brushes are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts.



There are three kinds of brushes that can be used on eyebrows: the spoolie, the comb/brush (you might know this as a mascara brush), and the angled brush (both classic and short). Put simply, a spoolie is used to shape your brows and blend filler; a brush or comb is typically double-sided, with the thick bristle side for taming and shaping brows; and, an angled brow brush, which is used to apply eyebrow filler.



An angled brush will help you define your eyebrows and works best for pomade or wax-based products. The angled tip creates natural, thin, hair-like strokes and fills in the empty gaps in sparse brows. Short angled brushes are easier to work with but a classic angled brush holds more product at one time.


elf studio small angled brush

E.L.F. Studio Small Angled Brush $2.47

This short angled brush is your least expensive choice without sacrificing quality. The synthetic bristles are made of an anti-bacterial fiber called taklon, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and grime building up as long as you’re washing your brush regularly. Unlike angled brushes made with real hair, you can use this brow brush with both wet and dry makeup products.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 Dual-Ended Firm Angled Eyebrow Brush with SpooleyAnastasia Beverly Hills Duo Angled Eyebrow Brush with Spooley $18

Lookup eyebrow tutorials and you are sure to come across an Anastasia Beverly Hills product – these brushes are a big name in brows. This brush gives you your money’s worth with a short angled brush for applying the product on one end and a spoolie for taming and blending on the other. Keep this in your purse and your eyebrows will never be lacking.


EcoBrow Eyebrow Defining BrushEcoBrow Eyebrow Defining Brush $27

Another dual ended angled brush, this eyebrow defining brush by EcoBrow is made with ultra-soft synthetic hair. It’s super easy to clean using a regular hair conditioner and a little rinse once per week. For best results, use this brush with EcoBrows cruelty-free and vegan eyebrow wax ($22).


The spoolie – aka the tool you use to apply mascara that doubles as an eyebrow tamer and blender. It can be used with pencils, creams and powder. Not directly, though. Use a sponge to deposit your pigmented makeup and then comb that through with your spoolie for the most natural look.


Loreal Paris Cosmetics Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil $7.99

A relatively inexpensive two-in-one that includes a spoolie and an angled shape-and-fill pencil. The perfect on the go eyebrow touch-up is available in blonde, brunette and dark brunette. Best for shaping and filling from scratch or just a quick taming when you’re on the go.



Jane Iredale Deluxe Spoolie BrushJane Iredale Deluxe Spoolie Brush $10

This eyebrow brush is brought to you by Jane Iredale – an eco-conscious brand that makes great makeup and even better tools. This single spoolie is made of synthetic fibers that are thick but soft. The thickness helps grab and blend product evenly and the soft fibers are non-irritating and smooth on your skin. Use on brows or to comb out and untangle lashes.



Blinc Brow & Liner Duo BrushBlinc Brow & Liner Duo Brush $29

Offering something a little different, this angled spoolie brush is built for ergonomic application. It’s dual ended with a flat angled brush on one end that’s great for either applying liquid eyeliner or for filling in sparse eyebrows.




Chanel Crayon Eyebrow PencilChanel Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil $45

Chanel’s eyebrow sculpting pencil comes with their powdered crayon brow makeup as well as a spoolie for the perfect, natural finish. In five subtle shades, this premium brow pencil can be used to enhance what you’ve already got or to create more depth and definition.



You may also know an eyebrow comb or brush as mascara brush, but they serve both purposes, and they serve them well. Use an eyebrow brush to apply cream, wax, gel or powder. They’re also great for grooming and maintaining brows, especially naturally thick ones. Brush your hairs up to shape them or comb the hairs up to trim and tweeze.


Kooba Makeup Eyebrow Brush & Eyelash Comb

Kooba Makeup Eyebrow Brush $5.99

This tiny eyebrow brush is perfect for traveling and for carrying along in your clutch. It’s super easy to clean and the synthetic bristles are guaranteed not to shed. They’re also soft but durable and only requiring cleaning once a week.



Team-Management Steel Eyebrow Eyelash Dual-Comb Extension Brush Metal Comb

Team Management Steel Eyebrow Dual-Comb Extension Brush $5.99

An inexpensive option, this eyelash/eyebrow dual has nylon bristles for brows and a steel comb for lashes. Nylon is soft and easy to clean while the steel comb is best for those of us with lash extensions as it won’t tug or tangle.


Maybelline New York Expert Tools Brush n CombMaybelline New York Expert Tools, Brush ‘n Comb $3.79

Simple yet effective, Maybelline is a beauty brand we all know and love. This black brush is made with 100% natural fiber bristles that shape and groom your brows or help you trim and tweeze for the picture-perfect shape.



 Jane Iredale Eye Brush CombJane Iredale Eye Brush & Comb $14

Jane Iredale FTW with one of the only real hair eyebrow brushes you can find. This boar bristle brush is the kind of soft you only get from real hair and it’s perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of powder to those brows or just to keep them subtle and tamed with a luxuriously fine tool.



Having structured, defined, magnificent eyebrows isn’t as simple as, say, making your lips look plump and supple with the perfect red lipstick. It takes a little know-how to fill, shape, blend and perfect your brow. But with the right tools anything is possible and knowing what to use and when is half the battle. Through trial and error, and with a little help from multiple YouTube tutorials, you too can have the beauty mag brows you’ve always dreamed of.


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Published on: 03/07/2018 Last updated on: 11/21/2018

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