The 20 Best Clean, Natural & Organic Skin Care Brands To Be Aware Of

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The Best Luxury Organic Skin Care Brands

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While conventional formulas that contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients strip the skin of its natural balance, organic skincare ingredients nourish your skin with plant-based formulas that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. And clean skin care brands take that even further with only the highest quality, exotic, rare, and extremely powerful ingredients.


They might cost a bit more upfront, but what they’ll do for your skin is worth the initial investment. Not only do the best luxury organic skin care brands replace toxic, skin-irritating ingredients like parabens, chemicals, and even pesticides, with natural botanicals, they also incorporate the latest and safest science in creating their unique and potent blends.


For the best in luxury skin care brands, look no further then our in depth list. We’ll tell you a little about the top 15 luxury natural skin care brands and what their best products are. Read this before indulging.




alpyn beauty Wild crafted actives logo

Alpyn Beauty stands as a pioneer in skincare, revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach. Harnessing the potency of sustainably hand-harvested wild plants, Alpyn Beauty combines them with proven clinical actives to create a transformative skincare line. Their commitment to Clean Clinicals ensures products are free from harmful chemicals, while sustainability is ingrained in their ethos, from responsible harvesting practices to partnerships that benefit the environment. By infusing the power of nature into clean clinical formulas, Alpyn Beauty offers solutions that amplify results and address skin challenges effectively. Each product is meticulously formulated with botanicals like arnica, sage, and wild nettle, alongside clinical actives such as bakuchiol and peptides, providing comprehensive skincare solutions. With a dedication to sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and environmental giving, Alpyn Beauty is not only changing the beauty landscape but also making a positive impact on the planet.






A brand whose name says it all – a comprehensive line of skin care, cosmetics, bath, and body products that is 100% pure and free of any harmful toxins, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, and preservatives. Their strict guidelines for what qualifies as natural – and therefore qualifies for use in their products – states that anything they use only undergoes a chemical change due to biological processes such as distillation, cold processing, and fermentation. Everything else, comes directly from nature itself: plant-dyed cosmetics, natural fragrance from essential oils, and stabilized active ingredients using oxidation.





Tata Harper Logo

Tata Harper began creating this high-performance, high-quality, world-class line after a loved one was diagnosed with skin cancer and she recognized the need for a comprehensive organic skincare collection that was both meticulously formulated and served the most luxurious of needs. The result was this 100% pure skincare line that uses over 300 raw ingredients and 43 high-performance active ingredients, hand-selected and sourced from over 68 countries worldwide and backed by clinical results.





Eminence Organic Skincare


The entire Eminence collection is handmade with hand-picked, fresh, organic ingredients. In many of the products, plant-based, botanical ingredients are combined with mineral-rich water derived from a thermal hot spring lake. They’re then processed without any heating or hydrogenating to maintain their purity and potency.

Beyond their vitamin-rich formulas, Eminence is certified by B Lab – a non-profit laboratory that upholds strict standards of social and environmental accountability and transparency. Established in 1958, they’ve been using sustainable, green practices to produce skincare products free of chemicals and synthetics for more than 50 years.





Josh Rosebrook logo

This organic skincare brand understands that the skin has the ability to heal itself. But, in order to do so, it requires inputs from the original source of nutrients and oils necessary for regeneration. The plants, herbs, nuts, fruits, seeds, leaves, stems, and flowers that we find in nature contain phytonutrients that share a molecular and structural likeness to what our body produces naturally. To facilitate the best healing and restore vitality and health, Josh Rosebrook harnesses only the power of these plant-derived ingredients.


A consistent recipient of “zero-toxicity” results that designate the brand as an unwavering advocate for pure and organic skin care products, they make everything in small, hand-crafted batches. They infuse every item they create with bio-matching ingredients that mimic the natural vibrational alignment of our body, and they do so with the safest, highest quality ingredients.





pai skincare


People with sensitive skin often struggle with skincare. Their skin requires perfectly balanced blends that are formulated with sensitivities in mind, otherwise they experience inflammation, dryness, flaking, breakouts, and even damage. Pai Skincare was created to serve exactly those specialty needs – every single one of their products is designed with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind and every one of their ingredients has been carefully hand selected for soothing and healing properties.




Maya Chia Logo

The nutritional properties of the chia seed go well beyond what they can do for your diet. When their oil is extracted using the patented Maya Chia supercritical extraction process that’s free of oxygen and solvents, they make for a super effective skin care ingredient. Chia has all the skin care benefits you could every ask for: it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidizing, calming hydrating, redness-reducing, and age-defying. And Maya Chia has designed the most valuable chia formulas the luxury organic skin care world has seen. Plus, they donate a portion of all their profits to organizations that support education in various Mayan communities – so you know your money is going to good ingredients and a even better cause.







The owner of Kahina Giving Beauty personally sources the core ingredient of every product in their collection: the finest quality argan oil. Hand selected in Morocco where the brand draws inspiration from ancient traditions and practices, argan is combined with organic and natural ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world as well as modern scientific breakthroughs in skin care. The result is an effective and ethical line of luxury organic skin care that embraces and empowers the female artisans that help them create their fair trade product.





Odacite California


A luxury organic skin care line that bridges the gap between the elegance and richness of French skin care and the sustainable, green living movement that’s swept California in the last few decades. Inspired to bring luxurious and high-performance skin care to the world of all things organic, the creator of Odacite ensures that all of their precious plant extracts, magical oils, and potent cosmetic ingredients are combined in the most effective formulas. Odacite’s goal is to improve how your skin looks and feels, and they select every ingredient for the right potency, freshness, and purity.




herbivore botanicals logo

From a kitchen in Seattle to a world-class vegan and all-natural luxury skin care brand, Herbivore has never lost the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired them to create thoughtfully-designed skin care that doesn’t compromise performance. In all their bath and body products, ingredients are meticulously chosen for the utmost therapeutic benefits. Meaning that almost every ingredient is an active ingredient in formulas that are pure, highly concentrated, and effective. As part of their mission to produce incredibly indulgent products that make your daily rituals that much more enjoyable, Herbivore puts time and effort into beautiful packaging as well as finding intoxicating scents and textures to complete the entire luxury skin care package.





Kypris Logo

Scented with aromatherapeutic essential oils, preserved with natural and nature-derived preservatives, and filled with nourishing phytonutrients, the sustainably grown and/or procured ingredients in Kypris Beauty wildcrafted products combine the best that nature has to offer with the latest in green science and technology. When science and nature meet, the result is clinically proven formulas that enhance your skin care routine and well-being – all while reducing your impact on the environment and honoring the beauty that the earth provides.




Naturopathica logo

For more than two decades, Naturopathica has been on a mission to inform the world about the connection between holistic health and beauty. Naturopathica Ecocert-certified products are inspired by herbalism and the healing benefits of plant-derived ingredients, especially when combined with the latest





Marie-Veronique was founded by a chemist determined to move the skin care industry away from mistruths and into the realm of science-backed, clean products that are not only safe but highly effective. With collections that target reducing breakouts and acne, repairing and preventing the visible signs of aging, and treating rosacea, Marie-Veronique has a highly distinguished reputation for top quality products that utilize fine organic ingredients and the best and latest cosmeceuticals.






Juice Beauty Logo

Juice Beauty is driven by a passion to redefine skincare, offering high-performance formulas that surpass traditional ‘clean’ standards. The ingredients in their clinically backed skincare collections are carefully sourced from their Innovation Center in Sonoma County, California, ensuring purity and potency from Farm to Beauty. Sustainability is at the core of their values, promoting Veganism, Cruelty-Free practices, and the use of Organic ingredients. Juice Beauty believes in the power of nature to enhance skin health and vitality, crafting organic formulations that deliver results. Founded by Karen Behnke, the brand emerged from her lifelong dedication to environmentalism, wellness, and skincare innovation. Through extensive research and collaboration, Juice Beauty has developed effective formulations combining organic botanical extracts with potent skincare ingredients, resulting in products that prioritize both performance and natural integrity





Indie Lee Logo


Indie Lee is dedicated to crafting all-natural beauty products from the world’s finest ingredients, prioritizing what you put on your body as crucial as what you put in it. By sourcing premium ingredients from nature and blending them with cutting-edge technology, Indie Lee creates high-performance products that uphold ethical choices without compromising safety. Founded after surviving a successful surgery on Earth Day 2009, Indie Lee’s journey began with a mission to inspire others to prioritize health and balance. With a carefully curated line of products formulated with plant-derived ingredients, Indie Lee aims to educate and empower consumers, recognizing the profound impact of lifestyle and environment on overall health and skin appearance. From humble beginnings to partnerships with major beauty retailers, Indie Lee continues to innovate and inspire, touching the lives and faces of many.



MARA, the brainchild of Allison McNamara, is an acclaimed skincare line celebrated for its transformative, algae-infused products. Harnessing the power of a proprietary algae plankton blend, along with clean actives and exotic superfoods, MARA delivers unparalleled hydration and rejuvenation, coveted by celebrities for its ability to achieve a signature glowing complexion. Inspired by the Gaelic translation of her last name, meaning "son of the hound of the sea," McNamara embarked on a journey to create a line that embodies the essence of the sea's vitality. Founded in 2016, MARA defies the trend of excess in skincare, opting instead for a minimalist approach that champions quality over quantity. Each product in the MARA lineup represents a modern interpretation of skincare classics, offering efficacy, versatility, and timeless style. With MARA, you're investing in skincare essentials that promise exceptional results and a radiant, healthy complexion for years to come. mara beauty logo


Mara Beauty, the brainchild of Allison McNamara, is an award-winning skincare line celebrated for its transformative, algae-infused products. Harnessing the power of a proprietary algae plankton blend, along with clean actives and nutrient-rich superfoods, Mara delivers unparalleled hydration and rejuvenation, coveted by celebrities for its ability to achieve a signature glowing complexion. Inspired by the Gaelic translation of her last name, meaning “son of the hound of the sea,” McNamara embarked on a journey to create a line that embodies the essence of the sea’s vitality. Founded in 2016, Mara defies the trend of excess in skincare, opting instead for a minimalist approach that champions quality over quantity. Each product in the Mara lineup represents a modern interpretation of skincare classics, offering efficacy, versatility, and timeless style. With Mara, you’re investing in skincare essentials that promise exceptional results and a radiant, healthy complexion for years to come.




African Botanics


African Botanics epitomizes the essence of Africa, drawing inspiration from its diverse landscape and indigenous plants. Crafted in the heart of South Africa, their luxury clean skincare range reflects the continent’s rich biodiversity through bespoke formulations that harness unique ingredients and rare raw materials. Honoring centuries of traditional African medicinal knowledge, each product is meticulously formulated to protect the skin from environmental stressors and combat aging free radicals. Utilizing advanced extraction methods and potent botanical actives, African Botanics offers highly concentrated formulations that deliver powerful efficacy and rejuvenating results. Sustainability is at the core of their ethos, with ingredients sustainably sourced from remote eco-zones across Southern Africa. From the desert to the sea, every ingredient is carefully selected to create products that enhance skin health and holistic well-being. With a commitment to potency, sustainability, and innovation, African Botanics sets a new standard in luxury skincare.



Osea Skincane, born from a legacy of ocean-inspired beauty, epitomizes clean skincare with a purpose. Founder Jenefer Palmer’s vision was to harness the healing power of the sea through plant-based formulas that deliver safe, effective results. For over 27 years, Osea has set industry standards by prioritizing naturally-derived ingredients, backed by rigorous scientific research. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond product formulation, encompassing vegan and cruelty-free practices, eco-conscious packaging, and advocacy for safe skincare legislation. At the heart of Osea’s formulations lies the power of seaweed, sourced from diverse global locations and revered for its nutrient-rich properties. Combined with potent actives like snow mushroom and vitamin C, Osea products deliver proven efficacy while remaining free from harmful chemicals. With a steadfast dedication to clean beauty and environmental stewardship, Osea continues to redefine skincare with integrity and innovation.






goldfaden md logo

Goldfaden MD Skincare pioneers physician-strength, dermatologist-developed natural skincare, blending state-of-the-art technologies with potent botanicals. This fusion delivers non-prescription solutions with remarkable efficacy, naturally developed to yield clinical-grade results. Dr. Goldfaden’s journey began with a quest to offer his patients advanced skincare options, leading to a meticulous balance between dermatological expertise and botanical wonders. His innovative range empowers users with preventive and restorative skincare, fostering confidence through radiant skin. With a commitment to clinically proven ingredients and conscious formulations, Goldfaden MD Skincare harnesses the power of science and nature to deliver transformative results.



Ursa Major Logo

Ursa Major, co-founded by Emily and Oliver, embodies the pursuit of True North—embracing what truly matters in life. Inspired by Vermont’s natural splendor, their cult-favorite skincare line offers clean, multi-purpose products for a radiant glow. By stripping away the unnecessary, Ursa Major tunes into the power of pure, potent ingredients found in nature. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, their formulas deliver undeniable results, leaving skin refreshed and invigorated. Whether navigating city life or exploring the great outdoors, Ursa Major encourages you to follow their lead, prioritize self-care, and enjoy life’s true delights.



Grown Alchemist Logo

Grown Alchemist pioneers a holistic approach to beauty, viewing the perfect complexion as a reflection of cellular health. Their integrated scientific methods combine nutrition, dermatology, pharmacology, and genetics to optimize skin aging. With natural, biocompatible formulations and cutting-edge therapies, they redefine skincare as a journey of bio-optimization. By understanding cellular renewal and nutrient metabolization, their products influence skin regeneration, bridging advancements in medicine, nutrition, and psychology. Founded by brothers Keston and Jeremy, their journey began with groundbreaking research on natural active ingredients’ effects on skin health. Today, their formulations, backed by rigorous scientific research, lead the industry, earning accolades from top fashion houses and celebrities. Grown Alchemist’s mission remains unwavering: to unlock the body’s innate potential for timeless beauty through a synergistic blend of nature and innovation.



The only thing better than feeding your skin healthy organic ingredients is indulging in luxury organic skin care. These brands are committed to bringing you the cleanest and greenest products combined with the most updated scientific cosmeceuticals for skin care that’s high-performance without compromising our health.


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