The 3 Best Cleansing Balms For Anti-Aging


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One of the most common mistakes people make is stripping their skin with harsh cleaners, leading to dryness, irritation and over time resulting in signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. There are certain ways to cleanse the skin that are more suitable, such as cleansing balms. Never heard of a cleansing balm before? That’s what we’re here for.



Anti-aging cleansing balms help to maintain the skin’s defense barrier by gently cleansing without over drying. Commonly formulated with a blend of natural oils, nourishing butters, and plant extracts perfect for skin in need of an intense moisture boost, think of an anti-aging cleansing balm as a highly condensed version of a cream cleanser. They are particularly useful for those who wear waterproof sunscreen and heavy makeup since regular cleansers aren’t always able to fully remove them. These types of cleansers are often used after a primary wash with a cleansing oil or water.



One thing to note is that you don’t just wipe off an anti-aging cleansing balm, instead, slather it all over your dry face and then massage in gentle, circular motions.  In order to maximize the potential for active ingredients in the formula to penetrate leave it on for as long as possible before gently wiping off the thick residue – using a washcloth soaked in hot water. Skin is left feeling soft, clean and polished. This process takes a bit more time and attention than regular cream, gel or toner-based cleansers, so if you’re the lazy type when it comes to anti-aging skincare this might not be the best fit for you.

If you are on a budget, consider using a cleansing balm as a once-in-a-while treat. Many anti-aging cleansing balms work great for massages or as part of an at-home facial when your skin is in need a pick me up.

Make sure to check out our comprehensive guide if you’re interested in learning more about the most beneficial anti-aging cleansers.



Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is best for anti-aging on sensitive skin.Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm ($28.50)

Best for: dry to very dry skin or sensitive skin (that doesn’t break out)

This balm perfect for daily usage. The formula transforms into a silky texture that dissolves even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup without leaving skin feeling greasy. The cleansing balm has a lightweight consistency that glides over the skin easily and, like all Clinique products is hypoallergenic as well as free of fragrance.



Oskia's cleansing balm is perfect for anti-aging on dry skin.

Oskia Perfect Cleanser ($68.50)

Best for: Dry to very dry skin (not prone to breakouts)

Oskia Perfect Cleanser uses a mix of Almond and Sesame Seed Oil to boost skin’s hydration levels, and coconut oil as the “soap” (cleansing agent). Vitamin A from Rosehip Seed Oil promotes collagen production and cell turn over while Vitamin E protects against free radical damage. The product’s tube makes the balm easy to squeeze out and also minimizes exposure to air and the sun – two elements that degrade the quality of active ingredients. Upon usage, the balm turns into a great light milk.

Other key ingredients include MSM, which is a form of Sulfur that aids collagen production and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, plus zinc which supports healing and is an anti-irritant. Other ingredients to note include glycine, which is an antibacterial and soothing to the skin, as well as omegas 3, 6 and 9 which help plump and increases softness.



Omorovicza's cleansing balm is the best anti-aging treatment for problem skin.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm ($125)

Best for: Normal to dry skin

The black thermal balm contains Hungarian Moor mud, which is rich in calcium and magnesium carbonates and also takes care of impurities in the skin and removes all traces of the day. Almond oil replenishes the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. This cleanser is perfect for acne-prone skin as the nourishing balm cleanses without aggravating and is also free of fragrances, parabens, silicone, as well as synthetic colors.



The age-old question remains: Are cleansing balms better than cleansing oils? Truth be told, it really depends on what best suits your skin and its current needs. If you haven’t tried a cleansing oil yet and are in exploring them be sure to check out our DIY Jojoba Oil makeup remover.


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