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If you’ve looked into beard oils before, you’ll know that there is an array of different ones on the market that all seem to have similar formulas and benefits. In fact, you’ll even find that many of reviews about these beard oils indicate that they don’t live up to their marketing hype… somehow people don’t seem to be experiencing the miraculous benefits that are advertised. Cremo Beard Oil’s case is a little different since the product actually does what it’s supposed to do, in other words, it actually delivers on its promises.



A “good” beard oil is able to penetrate hair follicles and the skin beneath to provide deep-moisturizing benefits. They will also help to tame, style as well as replace the lost sebum (your body’s equivalent to a moisturizer) that gets depleted with beard growth.  Finally, they will help create an environment where beard hair is nourished with the essential nutrients it needs to keep it healthy.



Below we’ve covered a few key product benefits:

  • Will replenish and condition beard hair combatting concerns like beardruff and skin flakiness
  • Makes your beard look sleeker since it softens and tames unmanageable hair
  • Will also work for shorter beards by helping to blunt ingrown hairs and soothe the irritation that occurs when your beard is in its initial growth stages.
  • Unlike some beard oils, this formula is lightweight and non-greasy allowing for fast absorption without a greasy residue
  • Of the three different varieties, two of them are lightly scented but there is also an unscented one, perfect for those sensitive to fragrance
  • The amber glass bottles that the beard oil comes in protects the ingredients from degradation and ensures a long shelf life



  • All three formulas avoid parabens which are known skin irritants
  • In a bid to protect our furry friends, the brand refuses to test on animals
  • Doesn’t have synthetic ingredients that are linked to being carcinogenic (causing cancer) like chemicals, unnatural fragrances or dyes
  • Rely on marketing and gimmicks to promote a subpar formula



True Story – Cremo was created by Mike Boone who is the same guy who invented the white-board.  Folklore, says that he started doing research on shaving when he couldn’t find a product that suited his needs. He discovered that often the money behind many personal care products went into marketing strategies rather than a good formula. On top of that, many of these products used small amounts of “exotic” ingredients that don’t really do anything at those levels making them only good for one thing… emptying people’s bank accounts.  Boone was so inspired to start making better grooming products so he started his journey with Cremo’s Shaving Cream. Soon after the success of their first product, Cremo began to expand into other products, such as their popular beard oil. With the rise of the cottage industry approach to beard grooming products, Cremo continues to focus on quality by working with experienced chemists and focusing on product development.



Cremo makes 3 different beard oils and although all of them offer the same fantastic benefits for your beard, they have slightly different formulations in order to suit a variety of preferences.


Cremo Beard Oil Forest Blend

Cremo Forest Blend Beard Oil ($9.82)

The Forest Blend has an almost “woodsy” scent that is extremely popular. The lightly scented formula leaves your beard smelling good without being overpowering. Last but certainly not least, like all of Cremo Beard oils the scent is created from essential oils rather than chemical fragrances.




Cremo Beard OIl Tea Tree Blend

Cremo Tea Tree Mint Beard Oil ($9.82)

You can count on this oil to provide hydration, tame unmanageable beard hair, prevent flakes and beardruff like the other variants but with the added benefit of tea tree oil, which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Again the fresh scent is light enough so the formula won’t overpower anyone’s senses inclusive if your own.



Cremo Beard Oil Unscented

Cremo Unscented Beard Oil ($9.82)

If you have sensitive skin and irritation is a concern, this variant is unscented and only contains non-fragrant oils that work to reduce dryness and itchiness as well as condition and replenish moisture to your beard without compromising on benefits.



Here are some of the key take-outs of what reviewers say:

  • The formula absorbs quickly without leaving an oily film.
  • The dropper-style packaging helps you to get exactly the right amount which is important when it comes to beard oil to avoid a greasy beard situation
  • Although the light, refreshing scents don’t overpower the senses they won’t stay around too long (maybe a couple of hours)
  • The benefits such as a softer beard seem to happen immediately after application
  • Although seeming small the bottle lasts a lot longer than you’d expect



Using a beard oil once a day in the morning is usually a good rule of thumb, but some people choose to reserve them for special occasions. You can apply the oil directly after toweling dry, post shower, when your beard is damp, not wet, or even when it is completely dry. Although the less is more mentality may be the way to go when it comes to beard oils, make sure to experiment with how much works, as generally the fuller and longer your beard is the more product it will need.

  1. Drop a dime-sized amount from the pipette into one of the palms of your hand and then rub both of them together to warm the oil.
  2. Apply evenly through your facial hair and gently massage your beard inclusive of the skin beneath
  3. If your beard is on the longer side of things you may want to consider using a comb to ensure it reaches all areas.



Using facial hair conditioning products like a good oil is an important part of keeping your beard healthy. The benefits of using beard oil are numerous – from conditioning to preventing dryness, itchiness and flakiness. All in all, Cremo’s beard oil offers a high-quality beard oil, full of natural ingredients and is backed by positive reviews and a history of performance.

Published on: 01/24/2018 Last updated on: 01/23/2021

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