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best cc creams for acne and oily skin

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CC (color correcting) cream targets redness, neutralizes imperfections and corrects your complexion – making CC cream for acne or oily skin a perfect match.


CC creams are a powerhouse skin care product that can replace a number of the items you’re currently using on your face, including foundation, concealer, corrector, and primer.


You can use CC cream for oily skin to cover up blemishes and enlarged pores. They can be used to even skin tone and texture for a visibly smoother complexion. They’re typically lighter than other cosmetics and they’re infused with skin beneficial ingredients that fight further breakouts and promote a healthy skin surface.


Need we say more? If you’ve got acne-prone or oily skin, this stuff will quickly become your cosmetic BFF.


But not all CC creams are beneficial for acne-prone and oily skin. As always, we’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Check out our top recommendations for CC cream for acne-prone and oily skin below.




Without further adieu, we present to you the top 8 best CC creams for acne-prone and oily skin. Let us tell you why we think they’re the best for your oily skin type and what you can expect in terms of results.


IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Oil-Free Matte

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 $49

A bestselling CC cream that comes in 12 colors is one of our Editor’s favorites so you’re sure to find your perfect match. Made without any oils (aka oil-free) that will clog your pores, the matte finish lasts up to 12 hours. Combined with SPF 40 broad-spectrum physical sunscreen, this full-coverage color corrector gives you perfectly light, all-day protection and wear. For hydration and plumpness, it’s also formulated with anti-aging skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen.



Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream a

Purlisse Perfect Glow Oil-Free BB Cream SPF 30 $35

Technically a BB cream but the popular (over 600 5 star reviews) oil-free formulation couldn’t be left off our list. The skin-perfecting formula that even works for sensitive skin types leaves skin with a matte finish while still looking hydrated and comes in 11 (from fair to deep) shades. The SPF 30 coverage won’t feel heavy on the skin (aka is quite light) and includes plant extracts like chamomile and artemisia to help soothe the skin and sugar maple to enhance your skin’s natural glow.



Peter Thomas ROth Skin to Die For Complexion Perfector

Peter Roth Thomas Skin to Die For Complexion Perfector $32

Use this subtle, universal tint under makeup for fuller coverage or wear it on its own for a natural finish that blends with any skin tone or shade. Especially helpful for shiny skin, the mattifying formula contains some stuff we’ve never heard of, but we’re certainly happy about. Disa-Pore 20 is a powerhouse at reducing the appearance and shape of pores for a more flawless natural texture, AuraSpheres and Gransil EP-9 work on fine lines and wrinkles, and AberMay balances appearance and shine.



Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR CC Cream

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Organic CC Cream $39

An organic and vegan CC cream that keeps the particularities of aging skin in mind, Juice Beauty’s very popular Stem Cellular CC Cream is rich in antioxidants, hydrating agents, and brightening ingredients like vitamin C and fruit stem cells. This combination minimizes the appearance of fine lines, delivers hydration to thirsty or dull skin, and protects against environmental aggressors as well as the sun with an SPF 30. All five shades come packaged in an airless container to protect the integrity of the ingredients.



Supergoop CC Screen

Supergoop! CC Screen 100% Mineral CC Cream SPF 50 PA++++  $39

100% mineral UV protection that’s non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin types, Supergoop protects against photoaging caused by UVA, UVB, and IRA without oxybenzone (aka one of the more harmful ingredients found in most sunscreens). Formulated with Omega-3 and 6 as well as apple extract, it’s also capable of correcting hyperpigmentation and discoloration caused by blemishes. Best for light to medium skin tones, this CC cream provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.



SMASHBOX Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum

SMASHBOX Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum $42

For the days you only need light coverage of post-acne marks, dark spots, and sunspots, this color corrector acts less as a concealer and more as a brightener that neutralizes redness. The natural-looking finish provides subtle coverage that improves complexion but also hydrates and balances the skin’s production of oil to keep away future breakouts. Free of harmful parabens, phthalates, and fragrances, it doubles as the perfect lightweight, buildable primer that’s actually good for your skin.



AYUNA VELO 6 - in - 1 Suprastratum Protection

Ayuna Velo 6-in-1 Supastratum Protection $122

There’s nothing that this 6-in-1 can’t do, which is why it’s suitable for all skin types – especially those that are exposed to the outdoors on a daily basis (i.e. basically everyone). One might argue that its star ingredients are naturally-derived trehalose and glycolipids, which balance and support postbiotic ferments on your skin for strength and resilience. But on the other hand, it also contains protective and hydrating oils and herbs like argan and chamomile along with a pleasant natural essential oil scent.



La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream with SPF 30

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream with SPF 30 $38.30

If you have a combination of sensitive skin and permanent or common redness, apply this CC cream for acne after cleansing in the morning and forget having to use a moisturizer or foundation. A natural CC cream for oily skin, the formula is rich in polyphenols and naturally-occurring pigments. It also contains hydrating glycerin as well as shea butter – which is particularly good for acne-prone skin because of powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.



Physicians Formula CC Cream
Physicians Formula CC Cream $7

Breakouts and redness aren’t just for the young – so when you need anti-aging ingredients embedded in your moisturizing and concealing routine, Physicians Formula has you covered. This CC creams not only fixes pigmentation and discolorations, but it also works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of fatigue like dark circles and skin dullness. A makeup-skincare hybrid capable of correcting more than just color, it’s available in 2 blendable shades.



Lumene CC Color Correcting CreamLumene CC Color Correcting Cream $21

A 6-in-1 that acts as a lightweight foundation, redness neutralizer, concealer, primer, illuminator, and SPF 20 that lasts you the day. The semi-matte finish smooths the contours of blemishes on acne-prone skin and reduces excessive shine. In 7 shades that complete the spectrum from fair to dark, this CC cream is comfortable to wear and quick to apply.



Erborian CC Cream High Def Skin Perfector Claire 1


Erborian CC Cream Radiance Color Corrector Perfector $22

This extremely unique product that comes in 3 colors ( Fair, Golden & Caramel) blends to all skin tones with what Erborian calls “magic foundation”. That property is what makes this product excellent for correcting uneven skin tone caused by acne marks and breakouts. With just a light application, your complexion will even out and unify.


Han Skincare Serum CC Cream SPF 30HAN Skincare Serum CC Cream SPF 30+ $32

A multitasking non-toxic product needs multitasking ingredients, which is why HAN developed their cruelty-free CC cream with a base of coconut oil, jojoba oil, and rose hip oil. Together, they smooth and rehydrate skin while refining the surface for incredible long-term results. That’s what makes it great for reducing and preventing the visible signs of aging – that and the addition of vitamin e, an antioxidant that supports skin health and healing. Find this SPF 30+ in seven shades that adapt to your undertones.



Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream for Oily Skin

Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream $7

Covergirl is a classic and they hit it out of the park with this water-based bb cream foundation at their well-known affordable prices. Formulated specifically for oily skin in 6 different shades, it combines the perfect amount of coverage and blend-ability with ingredients that will let your skin breathe. If you struggle with blemish-prone skin, you’ll appreciate the natural-looking finish as well as the fact that the formula is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores.




stila One Step Correcting & Brightening Serum

Stila One Step Correct $36

A weightless formula that doesn’t clog pores, this 1-step solution to a more brilliant skin tone uses 3 brightening tones to neutralize redness, counteract undertones, and reduce the appearance of sunspots. The lightweight formula keeps this cream from settling in fine lines but it also contains a mineral complex that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and other visible signs of aging.


Sappho New Paradigm CC Cream

Sappho New Paradigm CC Cream $38

Sappho developed their all-natural CC cream with people on the go in mind. Meaning that the cruelty-free formula designed as a quick and effective base to any makeup routine at any time of year. The light-diffusing mineral pigments provide light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply, and the addition of aloe juice ensures that it hydrates and soothes even sensitive skin types.




CC, BB, DD – what are they and which is best for what concern? All three of these are tinted moisturizing creams that are great for daily use. Which one is best for you depends on what your major skin concerns are.


BB cream is beauty balm cream. These are multi-tasking creams that act as a foundation, moisturizer, SPF, with added skincare benefits. This is the original alphabet cream and they’re generally made to even the skin tone and texture of all skin types. They provide medium coverage in a product that’s lighter than most makeup foundations or primers but heavier than most moisturizers.


CC cream is a color-correcting cream. As the name implies, they tend to focus on color issues like redness or dark spots. They tend to offer more coverage than a BB cream, but still in a lightweight formula that can all but replace most foundations. You’ll also find SPF and other skin care ingredients in these formulas.


DD cream is a daily defense cream. The biggest difference between DD creams and BB or CC creams is that these focus on the visible signs of aging. DD creams are thicker in texture than the other alphabet creams, which makes them more adept at covering fine lines and wrinkles.




Trying to choose between BB, CC and DD cream? If you have acne-prone or oily skin, CC cream is your best bet, and here’s why.


BB creams are formulated for prevention and maintenance, and CC creams can do that, too. But the major thing that CC cream offers that BB creams do not is serious complexion correction.


CC creams provide far more coverage than your average BB cream and, as such, they are capable of masking the most common issues associated with acne:

  • They correct redness and brown spots.
  • They conceal acne scarring.
  • They even skin tone.
  • They cover blemishes.


BB cream also tends to be more emollient, which means it creates an occlusive barrier over your skin that locks in moisture and superficially creates the look of smoothness. That sounds appealing until you understand that the occlusive barrier also locks dirt, oil, and bacteria beneath it. If you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, that means you’re increasing the chance of clogging your pores and causing a breakout.


BB cream also tends to be oiler. If you already have oily skin, chances are you don’t want to be introducing even more oil to your face. CC cream, on the other hand, has more of a matte texture, so it doesn’t slip and slide on your skin. That texture also reduces any issues with greasiness or excessive shine.


As we mentioned, CC creams also have all the skincare benefits of BB creams (at least, the best ones do). They usually contain at least some of the following:

  • Vitamins and antioxidants
  • Mineral SPF (sun protection)
  • Skin-brightening ingredients like niacinamide
  • Skin-firming ingredients like peptides


All of these ingredients improve your skin’s health and, by extension, are beneficial to oily and acne-prone skin. The addition of these types of ingredients is one of the main reasons we recommend CC cream over foundation when you have oily and acne-prone skin – foundation simply doesn’t have these skin-beneficial ingredients. Although foundation may provide more coverage than a CC cream, it’s not typically as skin friendly.


The other reason we’d say it might be wise to choose CC cream over foundation is the fact that it reduces the number of products you have to wear on your face. If you use foundation, you still have to wear primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen. And the more products you use, the bigger the risk for pore-clogging and irritating ingredients to cause breakouts, right?


But CC cream is multi-purpose. That is, it contains all of these products in one. Even a tinted moisturizer doesn’t accomplish what CC cream accomplishes for oily and acne-prone skin, because it gives less coverage and it’s more emollient and heavier than CC cream.




When you have oily or acne-prone skin, finding a product that doesn’t irritate your skin and lead to breakouts is a game of trial and error. That’s especially true when it comes to CC cream, because they stay on your skin all day and contain potentially pore-clogging pigments.


When you’re picking a CC cream for acne, a few helpful tips can save you some of that time and effort:


  • Unless your CC cream is specifically formulated for oily or sensitive skin, a little goes a long way. And even then, you don’t need to pile it on like a foundation because these are meant to give you a more subtle, natural look than your traditional makeup.
  • To create a matte finish or to build coverage, use a finishing powder that will also help you target excessively oily areas such as your t-zone.
  • Know what you want from your CC cream. While some simply correct redness, other formulas contain anti-aging ingredients for aged skin, hydrating ingredients for dry skin, and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin.


The right CC cream will do far more than help you cover up your blemishes and discoloration for the day. They’ll contain ingredients that help to heal your skin, clear your pores, and create a purer canvas from which to begin your makeup routine.



Finding the best CC cream for acne and/or oily skin takes a little more effort. Check the label for oil-free formulas, hydrating ingredients, and more natural ingredients that avoid the use of alcohol, parabens, and phthalates – these formulas will reduce the chances of developing a breakout. Then decide whether you need to correct redness, uneven skin tone, texture, or any number of the issues that CC cream targets.


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