Clarisonic vs Foreo: Which One Is The Best Facial Brush?

Battle Of The Brushes.

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Clarisonic VS Foreo

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There’s evidence of skin brushing as far back as the ancient Greeks and Japanese. These were the first civilizations to recognize that brushing both cleanses and beautifies the skin, and that practice has now made its way into the contemporary world – to the benefit of our delicate and radiant faces.


If you’re in the mood for a little pampering, brushing is something you can have done at a spa. For even greater benefits and a whole lot less money, you can purchase your own brush and make this part of your daily cleansing practice.


But with so many brushes to choose from, which one is best for you? We’re comparing two of the top brushes out there in this Clarisonic vs Foreo showdown. Read on to learn which one is our pick.



Facial brushes give you a deeper clean than washing your hands manually or with a washcloth. But Clarisonic and Foreo are more than simple facial brushes. These are sonic brushes.


Sonic brushes are electronic facial brushes. They use a battery-operated motor to move the brush head in a repetitive motion. While some use circular motion and others use a back and forth, it’s the repetition and consistency that matters. With those motions, they’re better able to reach contours, penetrate the pores, and cleanse dirt, makeup, and built-up skin cells from the outer layer of your dermis.


One of the main contributors to breakouts or dull complexion is improper cleansing. But because sonic brushes reach deep into your pores better than any handwashing could ever do, they brighten your complexion, help control breakouts, and they help your skin better absorb the products you apply after cleansing.



Both Clarisonic and Foreo use sonic technology to penetrate the upper layer of your skin and provide a deep cleanse for your pores. They improve circulation, exfoliate, and are more efficient than manual washing. These facial brushes are also both handheld devices that work on a battery-operated motor.



Beyond their technology, their potential benefits, and the way they’re used, Clarisonic and Foreo are quite different. And, in the end, one is more beneficial than the other. Follow along as we break this down in more detail below.



Clarisonic claims that it cleanses up to 6x more dirt from your pores than when you cleanse with your hands, a washcloth, or a non-sonic brush. With regular daily use, Clarisonic can diminish patches of dry skin, reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, and have a positive effect on breakouts and blemishes.


Foreo’s claim to fame is that removes 99.5% of built-up dirt from your pores. It also claims to effectively remove blemish-causing bacteria in an extremely gentle manner and with only one minute of use, twice per day.



Both Clarisonic and Foreo use sonic technology, but those technologies differ slightly.


Clarisonic uses patented sonic technology. They’ve developed a system that works with the natural elasticity of your skin. It oscillates more than 300 movements per second – the ideal oscillation speed for removing dirt, bacteria, skin cells, and other impurities while still remaining gently.


Foreo uses more of a pulse than an oscillation. Their technology is called transdermal sonic technology, and it moves at 8,000 pulsations per minute. This is another way of penetrating deep into the pores while keeping the sensitivity of your delicate facial skin at top of mind.



Clarisonic comes with a sensitive head brush right from the get-go. These bristles softly exfoliate and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. But if you don’t require a sensitive brush, they offer a large line of brush heads from you to choose from. These brushes cover every skin concern and every skin type they could think of.


But Clarisonic comes with a few extra accessories you won’t get with the Foreo. This includes a travel case and a travel-size cleanser. The case makes taking your Clarisonic with you easy but, more than that, it’s a great place to store your sonic brush while it’s not being used.


Foreo, on the other hand, doesn’t require a brush head at all. It’s made of non-porous medical-grade silicone that’s great for all skin types and skin concerns. The cleansing side of the brush has a series of bumps and ridges while the other is smooth and meant for gently massaging your face. While you don’t get as many accessories outside of a simple carrying case and a manual, you’ll never need to buy a different brush head for the Foreo.



The Clarisonic is lightweight and manageable. Remembering the right process for Clarisonic takes a bit of memorization and a week or so of practice. You start with 20 seconds on the forehead, then move to 20 seconds on the nose and chin. Following your t-zone, you move to 10 seconds on each cheek. While going through this routine, you can choose from two speeds: delicate for sensitive skin types or in-between washes or daily for your twice per day cleansing.


The Foreo is smaller than the Clarisonic. Though it doesn’t have a handle, it’s lightweight, compact, and makes a great travel companion. It also offers twelve customizable intensities, depending on your skin type and sensitivities. To use it is a bit simpler too: just move it all over the face in a circular motion for a total of one minute. You can then use the tip of the device to get into contours and smaller areas.



When it comes to cleaning, Clarisonic is the clear winner. Once a week, use an antibacterial soap to cleanse and soak your brush. That should remove any built-up makeup or bacteria. You can dry it with a towel or, better yet, let it air dry to prevent any mold from forming. One sure thing to keep in mind, though, is that you’ll need to change your brush head every three months.


Because the Foreo brush head isn’t detachable and it’s made of silicone, it’s not as easy to get clean. You’ll also have to clean it more often and more thoroughly because the firmness of the material allows makeup to stick and buildup easier. Your best bet is to soak it with warm water and antibacterial soap and then scrub with a non-abrasive washcloth.



If you’re using your device every day, twice per day, then you’ll have to charge your Clarisonic once every other month. Whereas the Foreo battery lasts a lot longer – it only needs to be charged once every five months.



Cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor when it comes to taking care of your skin but, of course, it comes into play for most of us. The Clarisonic is a bit more affordable than the Foreo. It rings in at $169 for the Clarisonic, the sensitive brush head, travel case, and travel cleanser. The Foreo retails at $199 for only the device, a simple case, and the manual.



The Clarisonic definitely has more to offer in terms of accessories, and it’s the cheaper of the two options. But when it comes down to what really matters, i.e. how the product cleanses and brightens your complexion, we believe the Foreo is the better option. The silicone is less abrasive on the skin and you’re able to choose from twelve customizable intensities according to your skin type. It’s easier to use and most users who have compared the two agree that it delivers better results.


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Published on: 03/25/2020 Last updated on: 05/23/2020

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