Why Men Should Book Themselves A Day At A Cosmetic Spa

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The Reasons Why Men Should Go To The Spa


If you’re like most men, you see trips to the spa as unnecessary. Overindulgent. Feminine. But, just as women deserve a day at the spa, you do too!


If you’ve been playing with the idea of visiting a day spa but don’t quite know where to start, or what to expect, keep reading. Here’s everything you need to know before you book your first appointment at the spa.




What do you visualize when you think “spa treatment?” You probably picture women sitting around in white bathrobes with cucumbers on their eyes listening to Yanni.


That’s not quite it.


Spas offer a huge range of services, from massages and facials to hair removal and even meditation rooms! Before you visit your spa, you’ll want to take a look at all the services available to you, and pick a few that you like.


Most spas offer services “a la carte”, but they also offer full day packages. What does that mean? It means you can either go into the local spa for just a massage or a facial. Or, you can book a whole day there relaxing with a manicure, body scrub and each of the other services.


Decide what you want, then book! Need a few pointers before your first visit? Let’s look at what you need to do to be prepared.




The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to be surrounded by women at your spa. There are spas which offer treatments to both men and women. But there are also spas which cater specifically to men.


Do a little research about your spa ahead of time – and give them a call! Ask them about the men’s services they offer and decide what appeals to you.


Secondly, don’t be late. Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early for your appointment. There’s nothing less relaxing than rushing around and stressing about your appointment time. Kind of defeats the purpose. Also, spas put a lot of effort in making your trip an experience. You might enjoy champagne in the lobby or some other special thing offered by your spa.


Third, please shower as a courtesy to your hosts. ‘Nuff said.


Finally, don’t forget to bring your wallet. It’s customary to tip your massage therapist, masseuse, manicurist or whoever else you’re working with at the men’s spa.




Alright, now you’re ready to book your first men’s spa treatment, but you’re not sure exactly which services to book? Here are a few of the treatments your men’s spa may have to offer.





If you’ve heard one thing about waxing, it’s probably that it hurts. And that’s not entirely untrue. You’ll probably feel a bit of discomfort when you’re waxing.


But! The women and men at your men’s spa actually and literally went to school for this. They know how to do it right, and how to cause you as little discomfort as possible.


So what’s waxing, and why is it better than shaving? A couple of reasons.


  • Men who wax say their hair grows back more slowly than when they shave.
  • Your hair is pulled at the root which means softer, smoother skin.
  • No cuts! No nicks! No razor burn!
  • The results of waxing last longer than shaving.




If you’re not convinced that waxing is your jam, ask if your men’s spa offers laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a less painful alternative to waxing, but it can also be a bit pricier than waxing.




If you book nothing else, book yourself a massage at your men’s spa. Massage is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. Licensed massage therapists are trained to manipulate your muscles in juuuuuust the right way to make all your troubles melt away.


There are a few types of massages you’ll need to be familiar with before you book at the men’s spa. First, there’s Swedish massage. Swedish massage therapists use deep, circular motions and the result is kind of energizing.


Then, there are deep massages. These massage therapists are trained to target the deeper layers of tissue. Deep massage is particularly wonderful for men who work out.


Hot stone massage is another type of massage you can probably book at your men’s spa. And it’s just exactly what it sounds like. Your therapist will place warm stones on your body, which warm up the muscles. This is said to make your massage more effective.


Finally, there are sports massages. It’s a deep massage that’s targeted to areas of your body which may be overused or even injured during athletic activity.


Massage doesn’t just feel amazing. You’ll also get some other benefits from it! These include:


  • Stress relief, which can directly impact weight loss
  • Relief from migraine headaches
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Eased depression
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion


Now, you may be concerned that you’ll have a – ahem – physical reaction to your massage. Yeah. That happens. But your massage therapist is trained to just ignore it. If you’re overly concerned about it, just request to remain lying on your stomach.




A men’s spa wouldn’t be a spa without a facial. So what is a facial, and why should you get one?


Guys, there are so many different types of facials. You’ll find exfoliating facials, paraffin facials, pore cleansing facials and aromatherapy facials. Your men’s spa will present you with a “menu,” from which you choose the type of skin treatment you want.


The benefits of a facial? There are a few of those, too! First, facials are really darn relaxing. As your therapist works with your face, she’ll massage the muscles under your skin. This increases blood flow to the area and improves collagen production. That means fewer fine lines and wrinkles.


Facials can also help to improve respiration. Got sinus infections or other breathing problems? Schedule a facial! Your facial can help clear up congestion. But, do your spa a solid and don’t go when you’re sick.




Depending on where you book, you’ll find a range of other services available at your men’s spa. And, like the others, they’re offered a la carte. So if you just want to visit the spa to get a facial, that’s cool. But combine a massage with a facial and one of these other services and you’re well on your way to being pampered.


Most spas will offer manicure services. And yes, men can get manicures, too! Check out our guide to nail care for men here. In addition to trimming and shaping your nails, you’ll get a nice hand massage. That can actually help reduce pain from carpal tunnel.


Pedicures are a thing, too. And, like manicures, your pedicure comes with a massage. Ever had your feet massaged? You won’t want to miss it.


Most spas offer body scrubs. Body scrubs are insanely refreshing. They rid your body of dead skin cells which make your skin look dull, leaving you fully cleansed. What’s more is that after your body scrub, your skin is prepared to absorb nutrients from your favorite moisturizer. Double win.


Meditation and even spray tanning are other services you can book at your men’s spa. At some spas, you can even get headshots taken!


Explore your men’s spa website, and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. You’ll love just about every service you can book, we promise!



Men, we deserve to be pampered, too. Whether you want to book a whole day at the spa or just a few hours for a laser hair removal treatment, your local men’s spa has something in store for you.



Published on: 09/09/2017 Last updated on: 02/05/2019

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