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best beard care products at target


Think you’ve got to visit your barber or shop at a fancy boutique to get the beard you want? That you need to buy expensive products to style and primp?


Nope! You sure don’t! Some of the best beard care products available to proud beard owners are right at your local Target. Take a look at this list of the best beard care products at Target, then hit the store to create the beard of your dreams.



You’ve seen beard oil on the shelves. What is it, exactly? Why would you want to put oil on your beard, anyway?


Beard oil is commonly referred to as “beard growth oil,” but that name can be deceiving. Beard oil isn’t made to make your beard grow. What it will do is make sure your beard and the skin underneath is nice and healthy. That, in turn, will create a good environment, suitable for hair growth.


Beard oils can be greasy. That’s the kind you’ll want to stay away from. Instead, look for a lightweight, non-greasy formula for the best results.  


Curious? Discover more about the benefits of beard oil in our overview.



Shopping at Target for one of those non-greasy, lightweight formulas we just mentioned? You’re in luck! The best beard oil available at Target is Cremo Beard Oil, and it definitely fits the bill.



Cremo Unscented Revitalizing Beard Oil ($9.80)

The Cremo brand gets great reviews across the board. They make all kinds of products for bearded lads like yourself – from beard balm to shaving cream, Cremo makes it.


What’s in it? Only the good stuff. In your Cremo Beard Oil you’ll find:


  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Sunflower oil
  • Avocado oil


And that’s just in the unscented blend! Check out the other “flavors” for even more natural essential oils. Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Cedarwood are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find.


The Cremo Beard Oil gets great reviews from men who love their facial hair. You’ll find three formulas at Target: Forest Blend ($9.80), Tea Tree Mint ($9.80) and the one above the Unscented formula ($9.80). All three blends will deeply condition your skin and your beard, leaving your skin and hair in tip-top shape to encourage beard growth.





If moisturizing your beard and skin doesn’t seem enough, you might want to look into a beard balm. “What’s that?” you ask…


Beard balm is a combination of an oil which will moisturize your skin and hair, and a sealant to lock the moisture in. That’s a double layer of protection for your blessed beard, but you won’t run the risk of looking stiff. Beard balms are soft and pliable; you won’t even be able to tell it’s there!



As you might expect, you can get beard balm at Target. So what’s the number one choice of Target-shopping men everywhere? Mountaineer Brand Original Magic Beard Balm.




Mountaineer Brand Original Magic Beard Balm ($12.50)


There aren’t enough words in the world to express how we feel about Mountaineer Original Magic Beard Balm. First of all, the scent is just plain awesome. It’s a combination of pine and citrus. You’ll smell like a lumberjack – post-shower.


Secondly, the ingredients can’t be beat. You’ll find natural ingredients in Mountaineer Original Magic Beard Balm, like Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil and other essential oils. Those oils create the “moisturizing magic.”


To seal all that goodness in, Mountaineer whips a bit of Coconut Oil into the mix. You’ll have a hydrated, frizz-free beard in no time flat.




If you get the impression that beard balm may be too thick for your particular beard, you can try a good beard butter.


Beard butters work in the same way as beard balms. But that “outside” layer is generally a bit lighter than what you’d find in a beard balm.


Your style won’t suffer as a result, though. Beard butters are excellent in protecting your beard, adding essential moisturizers and gently locking that hydration in.


Explore more about what beard butter does in our in-depth article.




It’s time to make a special trip to Target for the best Target beard butter. What’s the winner? Maestros Modest Blend Beard Butter.




Maestro’s Modest Blend Beard Butter $24


What do we like so much about Maestros Modest Blend Beard Butter? The fact that it works!


If you think you need some sort of sealing wax or oil to protect your beard, you might want to think again. Maestros Modest Blend Beard Butter is light and airy, but protects your beard just as well.


Men who use Maestros Modest Blend Beard Butter say that their beards itch less, and they’ve noticed fewer ingrown hairs. Their skin and their hair feel soft and snuggly, and when they did shave they notice less irritation.


Maestros products are always paraben free, which means you won’t be slathering your face with carcinogens. Instead of parabens, you’ll find sweet ingredients like castor seed oil, cocoa seed butter, mulberry bark extract and shea butter.


As for the smell? “It’s heavenly,” say the women attached to the men who use it.


Discover more in our Maestro’s beard butter review.



For a bit of simplicity, you might consider using a beard cream. Beard creams are kind of like leave-in conditioners for your face. They’re light and not at all greasy. In fact, using a beard cream won’t feel much different from putting lotion on your skin.


In case you’re wondering, you can use beard cream with other products. For example, you might want to style your manly mane with a beard gel. You may even be interested in a stiffer beard wax.


Before the Big Event, experiment a bit with the combination of products you’d like to use. Beard cream is very versatile, but it may not work with some products.


Ready to go shopping for beard cream? Let’s go to Target!




 What’s the best Target beard cream? Looks like Cremo wins again! Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream is consistently rated number one by beard cream shoppers at the superstore.


creamo beard and scruff balm

Creamo Beard & Scruff Cream ($11.90)


Technically speaking, you could use any of the above products on your stubble or scruff. But Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream was specifically designed for it.


Have you ever applied lotion to your skin, only to have it appear greasy or oily after all? You’ll avoid that with Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream. This product is lightweight and super-absorbent.


Got a full beard? Excellent! Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream is an excellent bet for you, too! The product contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil and refreshing Peppermint Oil. Cacao Seed Butter moisturizes your hair while the aloe soothes your skin.


You can wear Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream during the day. But some men use it a little different. After using a good beard wash, these smart guys apply Cremo™ One-For-All Beard & Scruff Cream to their hair… then go to bed. The result? Super-soft, moisturized hair in the morning – it’s ready to style!



Headed to one of those expensive stores to pick up products to care or your beard? Stop! You can get what you need at your local Target! There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for the beard you’ve always wanted.


Cremo’s a great brand for beard creams and oils. But if you’re looking for a balm, you can’t go wrong with Mountaineer. Of course, the Maestros Butter can’t be beat, either. Choose your product and head on to Target.


Published on: 02/12/2018 Last updated on: 01/23/2021

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