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Hair La Vie review

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We’ve all heard the adage “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And, of course, that’s true. But we can’t deny that we live in a society that places significant importance on our outward appearance.


Hair is a key component of that outward appearance. Hair symbolizes youth, virility, and sexiness – especially for women. Our hair is associated with beauty, confidence, and even our personal style.


Unfortunately, it’s estimated that nearly 50% of women will experience some form of noticeable hair loss in their lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Indeed, there are plenty of treatment options for women experiencing hair loss – and Hair La Vie is one brand we’d highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for those options.


Dedicated to boosting your confidence with great hair, they’re also committed to going about it in a more natural way. Today, we’re going to tell you a little more about this brand and how they’re helping women with hair loss, and even those just looking for a little extra volume.



Hair La Vie was founded by a group of health and wellness entrepreneurs. Having accomplished their goal of developing world-class nutritional products, they thought to move on to something bigger: tackling women’s hair loss. Led by their very first team member, a cancer survivor named Carla Rivas, they set out to hear the stories of women with all kinds of hair loss. What followed was the development of Hair La Vie: a brand that dedicated itself to helping women look their best, especially in terms of their hair.


Hair La Vie not only offers a range of products that stimulate hair growth, which we’ll tell you more about next, they also offer a comprehensive and understanding approach to your hair journey. Their team of knowledgeable health consultants, available 7 days a week, is something we’ve never seen before. They help women with all kinds of hair goals, from reducing the appearance of age-related hair loss to dealing with post-pregnancy shedding and even reclaiming your hair after a battle with cancer. And they do it all without harmful or toxic chemicals.


As an added bonus, the brand is community-minded. They donate a portion of every purchase to support charities and social causes that are loved by the community of women they’ve created. Among them: Kiva, Save the Children, Heifer International, and the Global Fund for Women.



Combined with their hair consultant team, these products may be just what you’re looking for to boost your hair growth. Let’s take a deeper look at what Hair La Vie has to offer outside of their amazing ethos and team of experts.


hair la vie clinical formula hair vitaminsClinical Formula Hair VItamins $59

It might be counterintuitive that taking a vitamin can help with hair loss but hear us out. The idea behind taking a vitamin is that by improving the overall wellbeing of your body, you’re indirectly affecting how your hair grows and how healthy it is. That’s exactly how these vitamins work; they’re packed with immunity-boosting and antioxidant ingredients like reishi mushroom, Amla berry, flaxseed, bamboo, zinc, biotin, and all sorts of vitamins. By keeping your body nourished on the inside, your hair can grow thicker, fuller, and healthier. In particular, these vitamins are great for supporting the hair’s natural growth cycle and reducing breakage and damage. Most individuals see results within just four months, and you can purchase these vitamins as a subscription or on a one-time-only basis.




hair la vie lash24Hair La Vie Lash24 Eyelash Growth Serum $69.99

Lashes are on trend, right? What if we told you that you didn’t have to spend over $100 every two weeks to keep up your lash extensions? That’s right. This lash serum – formulated with keratin, silk aminos, biotin, red clover extract, hydrating fruit sugars, and vitamin B5 – works in a 2-step process that’s the first of its kind. The overnight formula is a deep conditioning treatment that helps your lashes grow longer and thicker. The daytime formula continues to support that growth throughout the day. That 24-hour regimen gives you noticeable results within 4 months, and each tube lasts for approximately 2 months (which is far more economical than those extensions, not to mention healthier).



hair la vie shampoo and conditioner

Hair La Vie Shampoo & Conditioner $48

Your regular shampoo and conditioner could be doing more harm than good. That’s because shampoos and conditioners often contain some of the more harmful chemicals known to the beauty world: phthalates, parabens, sulfates, PEGs, and even formaldehyde. But not this shampoo and conditioner duo. Instead, you’ll find 21 natural oils, extracts, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that benefit your hair and scalp. It promotes healthier, thicker, and fuller hair while soothing the scalp and providing shine, moisture, strength, and manageability. Plus, it’s refreshingly scented with peppermint and tea-tree, for a wake-up call like nothing else.



For better or worse, hair is inextricably linked to youth, beauty, and personal style. For that reason, it’s completely understandable that hair loss, thinning hair, or just naturally thin hair, can impact your self-esteem and confidence. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Hair La Vie is on a mission to improve the lives of women who are looking for thicker, fuller hair… and they’re doing it with natural ingredients that really work.


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Published on: 05/06/2021 Last updated on: 05/27/2021

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