These Are The Best Natural Organic Eye Primers


Organic Natural Eye Primer

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What’s the secret to the perfect smoky eye? You might be surprised to learn that it’s your eyelid primer. That’s right… the same stuff you use as the base for all of your makeup creations is also made particularly for your eyelids. 


If they make a formulation that’s specific for your eyes, you have to believe that they do so for a reason. Those reasons include the fact that the skin on your eyes is far more delicate than the rest of your face. It requires a gentle and soothing formula that doesn’t irritate either your skin or the eyes themselves.


Why then, are there so many harmful ingredients in everyday primer and eye primer? In the unnatural varieties, you’ll find the likes of dimethicone and siloxanes D4 and D5. The former is a known skin irritant that can cause dryness, breakouts, and allergic reactions whereas the latter are endocrine disruptors that may cause liver damage.


As one of the primary areas of the face, we show aging, it’s of utmost importance to take care of your delicate eyes with equally as delicate – but powerful – ingredients. And the best natural and organic eye primers have it all.



Before you ever open your palette, you should prime your eyes to ensure the best and longest-lasting results. These 7 organic natural primers deliver all that plus skin-beneficial ingredients that are made for the most sensitive area of our face.


Jane Iredale Lid Primer

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Eyelid Primer $32

An extremely popular weightless natural eyelid primer with a breakthrough formula that comes in six sheer shades that can be used alone or with an additional eyeshadow. The cream-to-powder finish provides a rich consistency that hydrates your lid while absorbing any excessive oil. If you struggle with slick, oily eyelids that won’t hold color, this non-greasy primer is easily the best natural lid primer for you.



Kjaer Weis Eye Balm Primer

Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Eye Balm $65

If you’re looking for a deeply moisturizing under-eye primer. Consider Kjaer Weis’s certified organic luxury eye balm that not only hydrates the skin but was formulated to provide the perfect texture for an under-eye concealer that keeps makeup in place. The natural eye primer combines plant extracts like brightening Dioscorea Batasa with smoothing beeswax as well as an abundance of antioxidant-rich plants oils like Rosehip and Sweet Almond oil to nourish the skin.


Ilia Natural Brightening Eye Primer

Ilia Natural Brightening Eye Primer $24

For a crease-free surface that keeps your cream or powder eyeshadow vibrant all day, ILIA’s organic lid primer contains just a little bit of a shimmer and a whole lot of nutrients. Packed with the soothing benefits of aloe and chamomile, the anti-inflammatory properties of vanilla bean, and the healing abilities of rosehip oil, this primer tackles the most common eye-related issues we’re constantly complaining about.



_Lily Lolo Prime Focus Eyelid Primer

Lily Lolo Prime Focus Eyelid Primer $15

For an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on ingredient quality, try this natural eyeshadow primer. Not only does it act as a smooth base for your eye makeup, but this 2-in-1 also includes a translucent and lightweight concealer that corrects discolorations and even dark areas around the eyes.


Alime Pure Eye Primer

Alima Pure Eye Primer $20

Fragrance-free means your chances of irritation are greatly reduced. Add to that the fact that Alima only sources the highest grade, plant-based ingredients, and you’ve got a primer that’s specifically formulated to take care of your delicate eye area. This primer promises a smudge-proof look that keeps your lids hydrated and protected from whatever you’re layering on top.



Kypris eye serum and primer

Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum & Primer $120

Last but definitely not least is under luxury under eye primer that does double duty as a skin-beneficial serum. Kypris’s formula combines ingredients including multiple rejuvenating peptides with brightening (and ethically sourced) mica along with deeply nourishing shea and moisturizing (fermented) probiotics. The result is an extremely light primer that creates the perfect surface for an under-eye concealer.



Now that you know what the best organic eye primer and natural eye primers are, you may still be wondering what exactly an eye primer is… and why you can’t just use your face primer on your lids. Before you do that and risk the hours’ worth of work you put into your eyeshadow, let’s talk about what eye primers are and when you should use them.


An eye primer is usually a translucent gel or cream-like makeup that’s placed on your eyelid. An eye primer serves basically the same purpose as your face primer: that is, it helps your eyeshadow and eyeliner stay in place. Eye primer allows you to wear eye makeup for the day without worrying about fading, smudging, creasing, or running. 


So why is it different than a regular primer? Put simply, eye primer is formulated for your eyes.


The skin around your eye is far more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face (which is delicate in its own right). The skin around your eyes is more prone to sensitivity, creping, as well as visible signs of aging. As such, any product you put around them should be formulated with those delicacies and fragilities in mind. Not only should they help conceal any flaws, they should also contain ingredients that help specifically with eye and under-eye issues.


You’ll also notice a difference in texture between face primer and eye primer. Your eye primer is tackier than face primer. This slight grip helps your eye makeup – which is more easily smudged than say, blush or concealer – last a lot longer. Face primer on the other hand tends to be smoother and more cream-based.



First, look for a primer in the shade you want. You can either pick a shade that matches your skin tone for a translucent finish or a colored primer that can be worn on its own. Remember too that white primers tend to make eyeshadows and liners more vibrant and bright.


Then, use your fingertips to apply a pea-sized amount of eye primer to your eyelid. Be sure to cover the entire eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Blend upward and outward toward your eyebrow. 


Using a concealer brush or a base brush, you can blend the primer for a smooth and even finish. Let the primer set for 1 or 2 minutes before applying your eyeshadow or eyeliner.


And if you’re wearing concealer or adding eyeshadow or liner under the eye, you can even use some primers there.



Your eyelid might be a very small part of your body, but when it comes to protecting yourself from toxic ingredients, there’s no battle too small. Possibly even more important is the fact that our eyes are surrounded by some of the most sensitive and delicate skin we have. Taking care of your eyes with the best organic eye primer and natural eye primer could be the difference between crow’s feet when you are 30 and crow’s feet when you’re 50. 


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