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Best Beard Growth Kit


You probably clicked in thinking we have a miracle solution for growing your beard – one simple kit that will make that facial mane grow quickly, thickly and lusciously. We hate to disappoint, but that’s not what this is.


There’s no perfect beard growth kit on the market that’s going to solve all of your lack-of-hair problems. If you struggle with the rate of growth, patchy spots or baby-face, your solution can’t be found in a kit. Instead, you have to combine different ingredients that all have a positive effect on hair growth and which work right for you.


In this article, we cover all of the beard-growing ingredients we’ve posted about in the past and give a summary of what each can do for you. With this information, you can create your own beard kit suitable to exactly what you’re looking for. Teach a man to fish, right?



Thanks to the high amounts of vitamin E, proteins and omegas and fatty acids, castor oil creates a healthy environment in which your beard can grow – which is half the battle. The antioxidants in castor oil support keratin, an important element of hair growth, and the unusually high concentrations of ricinoleic acid have been scientifically proven to thicken your hair.


Discover all of the things you didn’t know in our guide to the benefits of Castor oil for beards. We’ve also got a DIY beard oil article that uses Castor Oil at its base.



This carrier oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that promotes cell regeneration. Healthy cell turnover is a key aspect of hair growth and re-growth. One of the less obvious ways in which argan and other carrier oils contribute to hair growth is by regulating the production of sebum. When your body is producing oil in the right amounts your hair follicles are… well-oiled. Ok that was pushing it but seriously, it keeps your hair follicles hydrated which creates a nourishing environment for your hair to grow to its maximum potential. Hydration is also important for elasticity which means your hair can bounce back and avoid damage or breakage that restricts growth.


The advantages of Argan Oil goes well beyond just hair growth which is why you’ll want to read our guide.



These are probably some of the most popular beard products out there and some even claim to be “beard growth oils”. Buyer beware… there is no beard oil that’s going to grow a beard for you. Beard oils can indeed assist with hair growth but not in a Homer Simpson-to-Simon Baker kind of way. By regularly using a beard oil on your beard you are providing nourishment to your skin and hair follicles, encouraging a healthy environment for your hair to grow. There are some ingredients that will give you a push in the right direction though. Keep an eye out for beard oils that include: biotin, eucalyptus, vitamin B, castor oil and coconut oil.


Check out our review of the best beard oil... or at least one of them. Or if you want to know more about all of the positive effects of beard oil, you can learn more in our indepth overview.



Your hair, skin and nails are all made up of keratin. So it follows that the stronger your keratin is, the stronger your hair will be. Biotin helps to support keratin and in turn strengthens your hair follicles and the rate of growth of your hair. Not only that but the bond between your hair follicles and your hair will also be stronger, meaning you’ll end up shedding less hair. Though you can find biotin in bananas, eggs, legumes, carrots and other foods, some people think you should take it in supplements if you’re trying to effect hair growth.


Our How Biotin Helps Beards piece will help you understand the benefits of supplement and the right way for you to add it to your beard care regiment.



This is by far the most effective way to get your hair to grow – albeit it only has an effect on hair that’s already grown (so it won’t turn baby face into lumberjack). Minoxidil is a hair treatment that widens your hair follicles so a thicker strand of hair can develop. It also prolongs the most important stage of hair growth allowing your hair time to develop. You’ve probably heard of Minoxidil and didn’t even know it: it’s the active ingredient in Rogaine.


If you’re serious about growing your beard, we can teach you how to use Minoxidil for Beards.



While these items don’t directly target hair growth, they do keep your hair and skin healthy which makes for a prime beard-growing environment. Not only is it important that you treat your beard with the R-E-S-P-E-C-T it deserves, you’ve also got to show the skin beneath your beard attention too. Creams, butters, and balms can help you achieve both of those tasks.


Check out our guide on how to pick your Beard Cream and on an article on what is beard butter.

If you’ve tried butters, creams and oils and finding none of them are really what you are looking for consider exploring our review on Beard Grease.



Making sure your beard is growing to its fullest potential takes more than just the right ingredients. There are a few other things to consider when piecing together your beard growth kit:

  1. The proper tools: Depending on your type of beard, you should be using a fine tooth comb and/or a non-abrasive bristled brush to work through the knots and spread your product evenly.
  2. Trimming: Getting a proper trim every 3-4 weeks will ensure your removing damaged hair that suffocates new growth.
  3. Always wear protection: protecting your beard, whether treating it with heat or just against environmental damage, is important to preventing breakage that hinders hair growth.



Having a longer, thicker beard is not out of reach. Besides keeping your hair and skin healthy with butters, creams, balms and oils, there are other ingredients like Minoxidil and biotin that can have positive effects on both the rate at which your hair grows as well as the thickness of your hair. Getting to know these beard-beneficial products and ingredients is key to understanding if they are right for you. And with that bit of knowledge, you can put together your personal beard growth kit.

Published on: 01/27/2018 Last updated on: 01/23/2021

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